Who We Are

Your technology partner in your success.


R.E.D. International is committed to increasing productivity and reducing costs for its customers, making it easier for seamless and speedy communication of its people while making the business processes safer, increasing their competitiveness and market leadership by applying the most modern technologies.

In this era of cutthroat competition, R.E.D International is committed to find an advanced solution capable of high quality and 360 safety of voice-data communications using either the branded options such as MITEL; UNIFY; etc. or open source solutions.

R.E.D. is committed to share its skills with its customers to travel together towards the future of "next-generation of communication" technology.


The Technology revolution of recent years have built a hyper-connected and dynamic world, where it is essential to continuously exchange information and data in a simplistic, fast and secured way. In this day-and-age to interact with complexities is a habitual condition for any business, the team of R.E.D. is fully equipped to provide sophisticated solutions to complex communication issues of its partners.

R.E.D International is the Information and Communication Technology Company that offers its customer’s a new way of approaching communication and computerization services in this fast changing world. To respond to the needs of sophisticated, discerning and quality demanding customers, R.E.D INTERNATIONAL has a highly experiences team of IT experts.

R.E.D International is operational since 2006, it is the ideal partner for companies that want to be a leading force among smart businesses. R.E.D. benefiting from over 15 years’ experience of operating in UAE with its in-house team of highly experienced certified professional is delivering professional services, trainings and support to the partners and customers. It has the know-how to integrate highly complex solutions to bring efficiency, improve businesses performance and productivity, thus allowing you to adopt the organization to the demands of the 21st century.