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How Live Chat Can Increase Online Sales

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How Live Chat Can Increase Online Sales

According to Oberlo, there will be over 230 million US digital buyers in 2021. With online shopping becoming the population's preferred method of buying, offering a stress-free shopping experience on your website is of the utmost importance. Live chat is a form of online communication that can help you increase your online sales. Adding a live chat feature to your website is a great way to increase customer retention and satisfaction. Live chat is a great way to make a customer's shopping experience as great as possible all while increasing sales- it’s a win-win. Written below, we have 5 reasons why live chat will help you increase your online sales, and why you should get a live chat feature on your website ASAP.

1. Customer Engagement

Enabling a live chat feature on your website will allow the customer to ask any question they have that may be holding them back from purchasing your company’s product or service. Live chat creates a shopping experience where the customer can ask questions and receive quick answers. Customers will become more actively engaged in their shopping experience when a customer service representative is easily accessible and immediately available.

When a customer is more engaged in their shopping experience. This becomes especially true when they are guided through their online purchase.

2. Competitive Advantage

With online shopping being as popular as it is, and more and more companies bringing their products and services online, providing a quality experience on your website will help create a good company reputation. When your company has a good reputation and excellent customer service, customers will want to keep coming back to your website to buy from you.

Not every company has a live chat feature on its website. The companies that do have live chat on their websites are likely to have a better rapport with their customers which will increase customer retention and satisfaction. If a customer has the option to purchase from a company where help is readily available and quickly given, or a company where help is hard to find and the shopping experience is frustrating, obviously they will choose the first option.

3. Customer Service Productivity

A great aspect of live chat is that customer service representatives can help multiple customers simultaneously. Unlike responding to emails or returning phone calls, customer services reps can help to juggle a few different chats at one time. When customers don’t have to wait a prolonged amount of time to be helped, your chance of making a sale increases.

Live chat helps a customer get support in real-time. Rather than email which will prolong the path to answering a customer’s question, having live chat on your website will allow your customers to get answers in real-time. This makes their online buying experience significantly more pleasant.

4. Convenience

Convenience is key when it comes to gaining and retaining customers. Just like food delivery has increased revenue for restaurants, live chat does the same for online businesses. Asking customer service reps for help and suggestions is a lot more convenient through a live chat than calling the customer service department or sending the company an email. By creating the path of least resistance for your customers, their shopping experience will be a positive one.

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