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IT Assessment

With our IT Assessment Services gain a deeper understanding of your IT environment and profits you can inculcate.
IT Assessment

Comprehensive IT Assessment Services to help you get the most out of your IT and ensure that it performs to its best capacity.

Do you need help to understand data growth, IT environment, and how to make the best of your IT environment? Are you planning to migrate to the latest technology? Are you not sure that your business processes are updated or not? Are you worried about data security? Then RedIntl is here with its reliable and authentic IT assessment solutions to assist you in resolving all your technology issues. With us, you get the expertise that is needed to evaluate and review applications, infrastructure, processes, software, and more. We will find it if they align with your business objectives and if there is any vulnerability that can result in a data breach. Our skilled and certified team will identify potential risks, IT gaps, and recommend the most suitable solutions that contribute to your desired business goals.

Information Technology Assessment (ITA)

As a trusted IT assessment solutions in the USA, we carefully review your organization’s infrastructure, including backup processes, technology, software, network, and platforms, etc. Our technology aficionados will prepare a comprehensive report suggesting better solutions to attain your targets and optimize the processes.

Financial IT Assessment

IT expenses can put a strain on your budget and we help you allocate your funds in the best possible way. We understand all your planned and non-planned expenses and how they align with your business operations. Considering important aspects, such as revenue, company size, support, sector, and more, we recommend an economical IT financial plan.

IT Organizational Assessments

This includes IT structure and IT service distribution throughout your organization. We evaluate all your available resources, such as workforce, technology, tools, along with the functions of each of them to determine if you need any change to optimize the organizational structure. If you do, then we create a perfect model that includes training, development, planning, etc.

Technology Assessment

Today, most of the companies are entirely based on technology and it is important that you utilize the latest and most advanced technologies that ensure data protection. IT assessment for technology analyzes backup and security policies, servers, hardware, software configuration, internet connectivity while identifying technical issues.

Vulnerability & Disaster Recovery

Trust us that there can be various technical gaps in your business processes, threatening your business every day. You need expert help to identify those gaps and bridge them using a robust backup and recovery plan. Our team of IT professionals will test your existing IT plan, find the loopholes, and build flawless plan to address them.

Security Assessments

Are you sure that your software and business systems are completely secure against any breach or malware? Any risk or cyber theft can prove to be a costly affair for your company. RedIntl will help you eliminate this risk by assessing IT security using the best tools and techniques. We will come up with an actionable and convenient solution to tighten the security.